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Adventures in Roadside Archaeology - The Last Horne's, Port Royal VA

Back in the wonderful days of mid-century America, Horne’s was a chain that dotted the east coast.
At Horne’s peak there were over 1250 billboards in the southern states advertising their 60 restaurants and half a dozen roadside motels.

The 1970’s gas crisis hit and by 1981, all the Horne’s were gone.

Except one.

Sitting at the corner of Routes 301 and 17 in Port Royal Virginia, the only Horne’s in the USA has been serving up good food to travelers for the past 63 years.

During a trip back home to Maryland last month, I was happy to find Horne’s open, and it’s restaurant counter packed.

Next time you are passing thru Port Royal, stop at the last Horne’s in the USA. Go inside, fill your belly with some good grub and experience a piece of genuine “Roadside America.”