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Adventures in Roadside Archaeology - Monticello Motel, Ulmer, SC

Always up for some roadside archaeology, Levi and I went exploring along US 301 in July. It was in South Carolina, we did a quick “drive-by (photo) shooting” in the tiny town of Ulmer SC.

Ulmer is a bit less than 3 square miles in size, the population hovers around 100. If you blink you’ll miss it.

But back in the middle of 20th Century America, Ulmer was a busy stop along US 301 for northerners on their way to and from the Sunshine State.

Owned and operated by Talmage Angle and his wife Virta, the Monticello offered such luxuries as a tile bath, a tub and shower and steam heat…IN EACH ROOM!

In June of 1970, someone at the Monticello was selling a 1960 Cadillac hearse and a set of professional Gretsch drums. I wish there was a photo of that!

Hard times hit South Carolina mom and pop businesses along 301 in the middle of the 1970’s. Interstate 95 was completed thru the state, shortening the trek for Florida bound travelers by an hour and half.

Talmage and Virta? They sold the Monticello Motel and retired to Danville City Virginia. He passed in 1971 at 67 years of age, Virta made it to 90 and passed in 2007.

In later life, the Monticello became the Connelly Motel, with “bikers, hunters and truckers welcomed.”
Since the Connelly closed, time and weather have done their part and the sign out front again advertises the Monticello Motel.

Today, the old gal sits abandoned, waiting for US 301 to get travelers once again.